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  • DashRendar wrote: »
    Where can I find all episodes of Rebels... Legally preferably.

    I suppose you could buy the dvd. Or go to whatchseries.li but, you know, is... illegal. B)
  • Rebels was on demand for me through my cable provider. Prolly could rent the dvd's from the library if you wanna do it on a budget.
  • That is a fact. Maul and savage vs sidious was prolly the best fight in the whole series. Really wish Yoda had more fight scenes, pwning ventress was just a tease!

    Yeah the Clone Wars had some of the best lightsaber fights on screen in my opinion.

    I also liked how to show opened up and showed us so much more of the Star Wars universe as well, planets, races, ships, etc.
  • DashRendar wrote: »
    Where can I find all episodes of Rebels... Legally preferably.

    The only place to get them all, legally, is Amazon Prime at the moment. Unfortunately there's no Disney movies anywhere option for it. If you need a disc, only season one is pressed at the moment.
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  • medetec wrote: »

    Here are the must-watch episodes to get all the main story arc material:
    1. The first 30 minutes of The Clone Wars movie
    2. 301 Clone Cadets

    Note that this is missing some great stuff (like the Mon Calamari trilogy), but I didn't cut out anything important."

    Basically you can get through season 1 in 6 episodes without missing anything important.

    Man you are missing the "supply lines" episode which is from season 3, but is one of the first chronological episodes to watch: it begins the Toydaria arc, and it's waaaay before the Ryloth arc. Most of the episode sucks because of jar jar, but here you can watch great scenes of Ima-Gun Di!!!! A playable character of this game.

  • I feel bad for watching old episodes of Dr. Katz on YouTube, but I can't see myself feeling bad for Disney. You should just wait until they're available on a paid streaming service that you may already use.
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  • Bounty hunter episodes are super cool,
    But my favorite is "landing at point rain".
    That episode is more intense than most aerial/ ground assault movies lol
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