Ahsoka Protective Maneuver bugs

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Others have also mentioned that Ahsoka's special ability which damages based of physical attack rating seems to be using her special critical rating instead. It is quite obvious to those that use her purely because it crits almost never.

This may be working as intended and is only a display description error, however that wouldn't make much sense at all.

The move is listed as "(special)", although it says it deals physical damage.

Under the description of Special Critical Rating it specifies that this is for abilities that deal special damage, so Ahsoka's Protective Maneuver should not be using this statistic.

Could this please be added to known issues @EA_Jesse as it makes quite a big difference for her character design and is also part of a hero pack that many have paid for.

The ability is also spelt wrong in the game, as "Protective Manuever".
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  • Good point, i did notice she almost never scores a crit with that skill. Needs to be adressed as Keaven mentioned!
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  • Yup...i pretty much dropped her from my main teams as seems under powered.
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