Wonder how long until sith raid gets fixed?

Been a little less than a month since CG decided to ruin an already semi ruined event by nerfing rewards. I know they said they will rework the rewards this month...which is good. I thought the new reward system was very good considering the insane difficulty and time it takes to do the actual raid...

But hopefully they see that this raid is about as fun as playing ball in a cup while having ALS...R.I.P Hawking.

How many people have to say the event isn't fun until they at least nerf Nahillus on the event. I did the math and Traya, at least on 4star, has over 672 million health....now before TVF comes on here, I calculated her health based on the expose ability... .02%

Is there any hope to make the sith raid fun...my clan kind of stopped caring because, even as strong as we all are, it takes almost 3 weeks to beat the 4star sith raid....that's unacceptable...it would take us probably the summer to beat the 6star sith raid...
*prepared for whales and vets to say the raid is fine.


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    If it's taking 3 weeks to beat the tier IV raid, your guild should really move down a tier or two.
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    If it's taking 3 weeks to beat the tier IV raid, your guild should really move down a tier or two.

    I mean the reward aren't even worth it at any tier minus heroic...
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    My Guild is 70M GP, we complete T4 in around 4, sometimes 5 days.
    We're looking to move up to T5 once we can defeat T4 in under 4 days.

    I hated the Raid when we 1st attempted what was described as being an appropriate level, T6.
    T5 was a real chore so we moved down to T4.
    As experience has been gained, Nihilus is not a chore, P1 is actually quite a high scoring round for most of us, although it does rely on some RNG & restarts.
    P2 presents a different puzzle to solve than P1, but it is easily solved & good scores can be gained.
    P3, again, presents a different puzzle. I found this Phase to be more about timing the Raid buff use to get rid of the BoW, so some similarity with part of P1's puzzle.
    P4 is tough, but using everything that you had success with in each of the prior 3 Phases combined makes it nothing more than a combination of the 3 previous puzzles which, if you have solved, should not provide too much of an issue.

    I know that the Tenacity increase on T5 will hamper my scoring, but again this will hopefully be solved by using appropriate timing to apply debuffs.

    TL,DR: Drop down a tier & keep practicing, your progress & understanding will improve.
    As this happens, your score will inevitably increase.
    When you can easily defeat the tier below, move up a tier and hopefully apply what you learned from the lower tier to good effect.
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