Looking for server mates(Gooby, Hiro, Swampthing)....



  • Hi guys, i’m Jaysen Larrisen in game. Not sure if any of you guys still monitor this thread and i should have tried to find you ages ago. Just wanted to pop in and say it’s a lot of fun scraping with you guys. If there is a discord chat or something like that please let me know.

    I’m running the OG Rebels (CLS, Ben, Han, Leia, R2) and surprised at how well they do against JTR teams populating the shard right now. Interesed to see how they do with the emerging Sith teams.
  • Hi. Think I am in the same shard. Finally made it into top 50, thought I should check if there is a discord or such. Mash Monsterfriend
  • My payout is Pacific time. I have tried to gather other people's payout info from this thread and discord.
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