Plague and raid bosses

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Against regular enemies, Plague deals damage equal to 5% of health per stack. This is, of course, not how it works against raid bosses. So exactly what effect do stacks of Plague have on bosses in a raid?


  • Kyno
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    All raid bosses have this ability.

    So in short it doesn't work. They take reduced damage from %based attacks.
  • UdalCuain
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    I'm sure I've read it does somewhere around 0.02/0.03%.

    This source, though not official, claims it is 0.01%

    Edit: added link.
  • Vertigo
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    It does the same damage as a normal DOT would do to a raid boss. Which is 50x lower than against a regular enemy, so .01% of their total health.
  • I'm finding that plague isn't spreading as it should be.
    The plague damage itself isn't a lot, but Talzin basic damages everyone with plague, which makes a substantial difference.
  • YKMisfit
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    Plague definitely does damage against raid bosses, but does anyone know if the stacks each have a chance to remove TM under zeta Asajj lead?

    And I'm not referring to the damage it does when the enemy's turn comes, but rather when Talzin uses her basic.

    EDIT - I just re-read the description on Talzin's Ichor Lightning ability and it doesn't say that each plague does damage, it only says that Talzin damages those enemies, so nevermind.
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