R2 help

So I almost have my Empire on 7* but I need help with what gear for everyone and what mods to get R2

Team I want to make:

Palp (lead) - gear 9

Vader - gear 9

Tarkin - gear 9

Magmatrooper - gear 8

TIE Fighter Pilot - gear 7

I know that gear for the last ones are bad, but I'll get them up really quickly, the problem is, what mods and do I need gear 10 for someone?


  • ManuG
    131 posts Member
    I would push all of them to gear 10 except magmatrooper. For mods try to put your best mods on them and if you dont have good mods, look for those with speed as secondary stats.
  • Also with Palp and Vader you are better off swapping RG for Magmatrooper. RGs stun comes in real
    Handy and he can absorb some hits while Vader Palp and TFP clean house.
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