The Clone Schwartz (TCS) EU friendly guild

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The Clone Schwartz (TCS) is looking for a few players to fill our ranks for the next TB. We are part of the Schwartz guild family, consisting of 4 heroic sith raid guilds and 4 guilds guilds of various roster strengths. We are an active, social guild with a friendly atmosphere. TCS is currently sitting at 90 m GP with 49 members and achieves 33 stars in LSTB. Like many guilds, we have lost players from TB burn out. We are currently looking to fill one spot in TCS.

The ideal candidate will meet the following requirements:
- 2m+ GP (1.8-1.9 will be considered with key characters/teams)
- Is active on discord and willing to follow instructions
- Has an updated profile
- Is a team player
- Prefers pie over cake (this is negotiable)

More info about our guild:

- We are an EU friendly guild with raid times of Rancor is at 4:00 pm and Tank is 2:00 pm EST.
With a 24hr 0 damage period.

If you think you would be a good fit for our guild, please contact me on discord and we can chat! Discord ID id Fuji#0597
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