Parallel Damage

Couldn't find a straight answer on this so I am hoping to clarify.

If for example, during P1, two people enter the raid at the same time just after launch. Person A finishes with 5% damage complete after 10 minutes of play. Person B finishes with 3% damage after 5 minutes. No other attacks happen until Person A is done.

When Person A finishes their run will P1 be : A) 5% complete or B) 8% complete?

Our guild is discussing this and we are hoping for an answer.



  • DelzounDarkhelm
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    Face is supposed to be B
  • GhostTruckin
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    It's cumulative damage unless someone beats the phase then it's just whatever the person who beat the phase is. So if person A does the 5% and person B does the full phase but stops at 100% it will be at 100% and not 95%.
  • EventineElessedil
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    The damage from each player counts toward the total. So if ABCD all start at 30 second intervals and:
    A does 25% in 10 minutes
    B does 25% in 4 minutes
    C does 20% in 15 minutes
    D does 25% in 8 minutes
    Then when C finishes at the 16 minute mark, total damage is 90%.
    Also, ABD boot C from the guild for taking too long and not doing their 25% share (kidding).
  • Weequay
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    From the start of the raid up to 5 minutes after start, the raid will appear to all other players at 100% health. When player b finishes his attempt, the raid will be at 97% for all other players but player a. 10 minutes after start (when player a finishes his attempt) the raid life bar will drop to 92%. So answer b is the correct one.

    In addition, if player c finished the whole phase and his team died 4 min after start, the life bar would not change at all when player a or b finish their attempt. When a phase is completed, any additional damage done in that phase is discarded. But the damage is still recorded and added to score of the player for the current raid. So if you add up all damage done by all players, the result can be greater than the life total of that raid.
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