Too Many Stickies under "Discussions" / "Recent Discussions"

I use the "Recent Discussions" (on mobile app) or "Discussions" (full site) to keep abreast of current forum activity. There are currently 11 stickied posts that fill the top of page 1, 7 of which are posts by CG_Carrie. Now, while I never tire of the lovely Carrie Fisher portrait she uses as an avatar, it does get a little annoying to scroll through a third of page 1 to find the active topics.

Any chance we can unsticky a few of those posts or maybe exclude them from the Recent list? 6 of them are related to the Sith Triumvirate Raid, and 5 of those are about the rewards of said raid. Almost all of the stickied threads have been there nearly a month or more.



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