And now for something that’s way overdue

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Okay, so a lot of people are wanting revan, more reworks, more ships, etc. But before we even think about all that stuff, maybe we should ask for an extremely important character in the Star Wars universe. C freakin 3P0? He has been in every single sw movie, along with r2, who we have. Yeah he doesn’t attack anyone, but we have hermit yoda, who doesn’t either. I think he would, with a good kit, make an excellent addition to a Rebel squad. And, as I’ve already said, he’s way overdue.


  • Sthenos
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    Thanks, but no thanks. Next you will recommend Jar Jar Binks :disappointed:
  • He could have a special synergy with Han Solo since there's no Chewie for rHan right now anyway. Lol
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    This is kinda like a backwards speculation thread. Were droids released prior to certain hero journey events? If we see 3p0 Legendary, just speculation that something bigger is coming.

    And I’d love a Jar Jar Binks/ gungan release. As long as it is Phoenix like, completely farmable and they should unlock a Legendary event for destroyer droid. My opinions don’t matter though.

    Moving to feedback.
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