Getting 6* BB8

I haven't gotten the following toons to where they should be, but they will be there by the time of the BB8 event. Would this be enough?
KRU(L) [Level 66, 6*, G8]
Kylo [ Level 80,7*,G9]
Phasma [ Level 65, 7*, G7]
FOE [ Level 65, 7*, G7]
FOO [ Level 65, 6*, G7]
Note: The first two would have some mods regarding health, and crit chance
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    When I got my 6* zKylo pretty much solo'd it
  • komji15
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    Why 6 stars? BB-8 will not come in May. You could make KRU and FOO 7 star unitl next BB-8 event I guess..
    We can farm KRU with 10 cantina energies...

    BB event is easy. With KRU lead, you can get BB-8 7* easy.

    I recommend lv85 and gear 8.
    In this condition, it will be fine.
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