Wampa's zeta and the Sith Raid

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I'm considering a zeta on Wampa's unique ability "Cornered Beast." Right now my guild is doing tier 4 Sith Raid and I am able to get a decent number of DOTs to apply, or at least enough that I think Wampa could really benefit from that zeta. I'm wondering whether in higher tiers of the raid if the boss' tenacity is so high that not enough DOTs stick to make the zeta worth it. Can anyone with experience on the subject chime in on whether this zeta is a good choice if I want to increase my damage output now and in the future?


  • TigToad
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    A heroic team with zSabine, zWampa, Thrawn and 2 tanks or a tank and zBarriss can do about 4% phase 2. Phase 2 is probably the most annoying heroic phase overall.

    Well, phase 3 is more annoying, as it takes 20-50 tries to get your Han team to work right sometimes and a LOT of mod tinkering to get the speeds just perfect.
  • Vertigo
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    Not gonna land that many DOTs in heroic, however that zeta is still a great ability for arena, and especially HAAT. If you're not doing HSTR yet it will also certainly be very useful until you for the time being.
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