Sim Cards Donations

Having played this game since it came out, I have noticed that something the newer players always need, and something the older players tend to have rediculous amounts of, is Sim cards. I personally have over 10,000 of them right now, while several of my guildmates that are lower level have almost none.
There is no way that you can possibly use that many sim cards, so my suggestion is that there be a way for us to donate them to other guild members who need them. It would also have the added bonus of keeping the newer players coming back, because their guildmates are helping them, instead of them possibly getting frustrated that they don't have a way to farm the characters they want.
Maybe it would look something along the lines of a player requesting them, then the rest of the guild has 2 hours or until the cap of 1000 is full, to donate say up to 100 each.
I know there is a rework planned for guilds and this would be something I would really like to see included in that rework.
I really enjoy this game, and I hope that my suggestion will at least be considered.
Thank you.


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