What to work on for CLS


Assuming R2 comes back before CLS and I get him to 7*, what else do I need to do to get these toons ready for CLS? Obviously I am hoping to gear up R2 as high as I can, and Farmboy Luke is 1 gear slot from Gear 8. Will that do?


  • Leia and Luke need to be really well geared, same with R2. Old Ben is fine already but stormtrooper Han needs work too.
  • komji15
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    When I cleared last tier of Luke’s Journey, R2 has gear 10, STH gear10, Ben gear 9, Leia gear 9, Luke gear 9.
    I tried 4 times with those units...
    I think STH should be 10 gear. Or you should give STH better modes. Primary stat of mode: Arrow, Triangle, Cross, Circle - 23.5% protection will be helpful, especially at tier 3. STH must be tanked during Luke’s attack.

    In case of R2 and Leia, you should focus on increasing speed with modes...
    Old ben is fine. Luke should be gear 8 with good modes..

    Good luck for upcoming CLS event.
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