Make The Most Of Swgoh Forum (Why You Should Visit Other Sections)

A fruitful day to all & may the force be with you.

Today i want to take a little time to talk about the swgoh forum itself & how to make the most of it.
I will itemise it in easy steps;
1. Visit the forum often
2. Check several posts many great post are buried underneath tons of post so take a few minutes to scroll through to see older posts
3. Visit other sections swgoh forum is divided into several section based on different aspects of the game General Discussion (which is most popular but doesn't contain everything, Arena & Strategy (Another great place to learn new things) just to mention a few
4. Comment & ask questions dont be shy you can tag people using their handles like any regular social media site Eg ( @InstantDoneWithYou ).
5. Pos discussion & polls using the pen icon that pops up at the bottom of the page along with three other icons share your opinions & experience.
6. Dont be rude there are different levels of players here from beginners to top hats remember even the best players started from somewhere plus you dont need a high GP To Top Arena so be nice.
7. May the force be with you & the RNG always in your favor.

I hope some find this helpful & explore the forum in a more guided manner. Criticism & ideas are welcome.



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