May 17th : Clones rework and Jango Fett add into the game.

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First of all, it's not a leak of any kind so if that's a dream you've had or have, please feel free to share your ideas.

May the 17th 2002 was the day Star Wars : Attack of the Clones went into theaters. That day was the day we saw for the first time clone troopers and Jango Fett, who happens to be a Bounty Hunter.

Well, as for all we know at the moment, next release are related to Han Solo because of the next movie coming but wouldn't it be fair for Clones to get a rework as well and for Bounty Hunter to get truly reworked ?

Yes, the sequel got a rework with the new arrival of Bossk but non of that matters if 2 BH are left behind : Cad Bane and Zam Wesel. None of them have been reworked yet and both of them deserve it.

Zam would get a Zeta and Cad Bane as well with a proper rework to make him far better than he is now.

Jango would be the BH support we need and could only be accessed by a Legendary event that would required BH.

And why Clones goes in as well ? Because the movie is also about them plus we were promised to have them with helmets (old wounds never heal...).

Or else, it is not planed but we could highlight to the staff that we want it to be the next thing to happen ?
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  • Ummmm, no. Clone wars was released in August 2008
  • I think you mean attack of the clones.
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    My bad, corrected !
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    Your thread title should have a question mark in it. It reads like an announcement - which either makes it false or clickbait.
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    There is no precedent for this
  • Although, I do think it was kinda disappointing they did a BH rework and left off 2 of them.
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    Sounds like a great idea to me! Who needs a chat rework? Discord works just fine!
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  • But if they pull off the auto zero register for raids, I will personally forgive many missteps.
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