HSith Raid Retry Button

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Many of us playing HSith will spend anywhere from 1~20 battles (maybe more for those try hards) fighting a single phase of HSith. 20 tries is a lot, especially when you have to go back, choose your team, and watch a short animation again. And this is something that will happen for many months to come.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just open the menu, hit retry, and just start over again, ready to go without another animation?

HSith Raid Retry Button 22 votes

Yes, please let us choose to skip picking a team and watching the animations over and over.
IronCrossAgarwaengufu21SthenosNameCallen1134StarSpectreDRVNichodenkrobCharzypantsVeserion1Stud3099Kiritoismynamedaniel_dacejoySpyro324 16 votes
No, *insert reason here*
DurangedUnknownEchoNaraicjackaldo20Natoscswsolo 6 votes
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