Palp Mythic

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What teams have you having success with on Tier 3 Mythic Palp?


  • Vertigo
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    I used Thrawn Lead for the protection bonus, with Shore to soak up most initial damage, and the zVeers and Vader and of course EP. Probably not the best combo, but it worked lol.
  • Damodamo
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    Zzvader, thrawn, tfp and tarkin, plus palp 3 stars again this time around.

    Personally the palp event is the easiest of all the mythical.. but that is just me
  • Zader plap thrawn gmt tfp
  • Tarkin (L) g10 Storm g10 Palp g11 Vader g11 Thrawn g10. No zetas

    Storm went down quick. Fractured CLS, took down Han ROLO Wedge Biggs. Fractured CLS again. Finished off CLS and Chewy. Easy.
  • Kai_Mulai
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    Thrawn, Tarkin, Vader, TFP, Palpatine. All gear 11, speeds 196-245
  • Thrawn L G12, DV G12 , Tarkin G11, Palp G12, Shore G11
  • NicWester
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    Thrawn leader (g8), Vader (g9), Royal Guard (g9), Deathtrooper (g9), Palpatine (g10). Only Vader has a zeta, but since it's a leader ability that's not relevant to the event.

    Only Deathtrooper and Palpatine had really good mods, the rest had leftover health set mods from when I first started farming them--although they're still all 5-dots and fully leveled, so it's not like they're TOTAL jank or anything.

    I won't pretend it was a cakewalk or anything. I had to retry a handful of times, but each day I was able to complete it with fewer than 5 restarts. Good luck!
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