CLS charachter gear and ability importance.

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For the cls legends journey. What gear level and ability level and omegas will I need? I am at level 85. I have Luke han and Ben at gear 8. While r2 and Leia at 7. Also who is most important. Thank you.
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    Moved to heros journey sub forum. You can look around here, there are many threads of people who have done it.
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    When I did this on my second account, I had unlocked r2 when cls event was up as well, not giving me much time to gear him...

    So, I was only able to get him to g8, minimal skills.

    You want sthan & Leia at g9 minimum, old Ben can do his thing at g8. FB Luke g8

    The most import thing is to omega Leia's primary & stealth. That's 90% of your dmg. Just get r2 to the last stage & drop burn before he dies... little bit of RNG luck & you're done.
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