Do I need to farm more for CLS event?

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This is my current team
Is this strong enough or are they too slow and weak?


  • Bommen
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    I think you're ready, although some more speed is always beneficial! I managed the event in March-18 with the following team: OB lv 78 g9, Leia lv 82 g9 sp 235, R2D2 lv 79 g8 sp 210, Luke lv 78 g9 sp 169, Stormtr Han lv 78 g9 sp 160. Took only a handful of attempts. Good luck!
  • Kai_Mulai
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    Your zeta-d gear 12 R2D2 will contribute so many stats to everyone else, it should be a cakewalk
  • It looks well. You just need more speed for Princess Leia above 180 and Farmboy and R2 will stun imperial troopers.
  • CPace
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    BRUV, you are set for total completion. Your ready
  • You will DESTROY the event with some good mods, i did it with all G8 and G11 R2 no zeta
  • komji15
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    It’s a piece of cake with better mods.
    Leia needs more speed stat.
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