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    Many characters in game have tags based on where they are "at that moment" . As the deva have stated they are a snap shot of that person in time and would be tagged "how they would identify at that moment".

    All characters go through multiple levels of approvals from many representatives of all the associated organizations. It's not like this went out without anyone knowing.

    Even this rule is a little flawed because you claim to have snapshot Ventress after she denounced or was denounced of being dooku’s apprentice, assuming she was a Sith apprentice. During this time she went back to her nightsister roots and sought vengeance on dooku, which is why there is a nightsister lead. This much is understandable. At this point yes she would no longer be a Sith but she would also no longer be a separatist either, seeing as her ties to the separatist was based off her relationship with dooku. She never went back to fight for the separatist. This is why everyone is led to believe this a broader snapshot of Assaj Ventress. I, personally, don’t believe Ventress’s character changed that much until after the battle of dathomir, when she became a bounty hunter, began to act according to her own desires and no longer allowed her hatred for dooku to guide her decision.

    Now the next most common argument is that she was not a Sith. This is wrong. For one Assaj always referred to Dooku as Master and Dooku refereed to her as his apprentice. This could be seen in the very first episode of the clone wars in the very first scene. Also, this was never the case with General Grievous, who dooku trained as well. And, unlike Grievous, Ventress was trained in the ways of the dark side of the force by dooku. This was also unusual because sith usually followed the rule of two in order to consolidate power, making it less likely for others to oppose them. This was also why Palpatine grew worried of Ventress’s power. In the episode “nightsisters” Palpatine can be seen having the following conversation with Dooku.
    • Palpatine: There is a disturbance in the force. Your assassin, she has become very powerful.
    • Dooku: Yes my lord, she is quite important to me.
    • Palpatine: Too Important.
    • Dooku: Master——
    • Palpatine: Silence. I can sense her powers growing stronger. I would hate to think you are training your own Sith apprentice to destroy me.
    Palpatine feared Ventress because he assumed Dooku was training her to one day be able to defeat him, rightfully so. And her growing strength was beginning to become a concern, just like Maul and Savage. Unlike Maul, Dooku was basically given a choice, to kill his apprentice or die with her, essentially pitting them against each other.

    Now for the third argument, that a Sith tag would make her overpowered, like vet solo and chewie. A Sith tag will not make her OP because most of her bonuses or skills mainly have synergy with herself and nightsisters. She can’t heal Sith characters and only she gets bonuses from her Unique. As far as why everyone wants a Sith tag, it allows her to gain bonuses on a Sith team and it gives people satisfaction that her character is complete, that is all. There will still be Sith teams that are better off with out Assaj Ventress.

    Please don’t miss understand me. I don’t write this to start any controversy. It is just many in the community are dissatisfied with how some characters are labeled. I believe convincing you is the 1st step to getting this reviewed again. Something should be changed. Now how they choose to do, it is up to them. They could simply add the tag. Or they can remove the separatist tag and create a new ventress for Sith/separatist and lets not forget a third ventress with a bounty hunter tag.

    I 100% agree.

    It is also clear that Dooku was training her as well, as when Ventress fights Luminara, Luminara states to Ventress that she recognises the lightsaber tactics in her fighting style of that of Dooku - only sloppy.

    Dooku is clearly training Ventress as he even makes regular references to her as his apprentice.

    As Sidious told Dooku to kill her (fearing her growth in power and having Dooku and Ventress overthrow him), this is why Dooku never informed Sidious when he took on Savage as his new apprentice.

    Yes her character in-game has bonuses with herself and Nightsister synergies - so puttingher on a Sith team if she had a Sith tag, certainly would not make her OP. If anything she is more OP being part of the Nightsister faction, let alone other teams out there that already surpass any fear of her being OP as part of the Sith faction.

    Please - give her a sith tag already, its long overdue.
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