May 25th for Rey ?

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So may 4th has passed and we were givin nice rewards for hard nods and guild event currency from cantina. the official star wars day is may 25th will we see rey back then who knows?


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    Neil wrote: »
    who knows?

  • It would be great to have her as soon as possible.We all know that she is a must have for the hSith raid and as I believe there are a lot of guilds out there who just don't have enough JTR teams to beat the heroic tier but anyhow they're mostly ready for the next event. So they're kind of being on the edge of heroic or non heroic existence. I hope CG realize the level of that frustration what these guilds/players suffer raids after raids (that's not heroic) because they don't get the appropriate compensation for their efforts (low rewards and of course no Traya shards). So I really hope she returns back soon and we don't have to see more guild members leaving or even leaving the guild by ourselves because can't meet the requirements just yet.
  • This^
    Moreover, they'll arguably prefer to create more gap between the heroic sith doers vs the non-doers. So don't expect her to come back anytime soon.. ;--)
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    If I recall one of CG Carrie’s post regarding event schedules, for heroes journey events the first two times they may show up with little to no advanced warnings. After the initial two runs of the event, players will be given about a week’s advanced notice for the return of the event. Given it’s already May 20th, unless we get a notice tomorrow, we will not likely see jtr event return on or around the 25th since the next one would be the 3rd occurrence of the jtr heroes journey event.
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    Im 99,99% sure we wont see JTR on May 25th. Here are my resons:
    1. Its too soon, they said that HJ will come back every 3-4 months, last JTR was 2 months ago
    2. On 18th they didnt announce that JTR is coming (week’s notice)
    3. There is no BB8 event in the calendar
    4. Its more likely that on 25th we will get new update(changes to chat, quests, and ships) and maybe some new characters from solo movie

    I think that JTR will come back next month or one after that.

    While ill agree with your post.

    I'm getting quite annoyed that you have to wait 1/4 of a Entire YEAR, to be able to obtain such a Critical important character that you need to complete Heroic Sith raid.
    I wouldn't mind if it was every second month, Then she would be obtainable 6 times a year.
    but 3-4 months in between is absurd and takes some of the fun away.
    I couldn't get ready for the first event because those 2 characters was only released 1 week before and didn't know I had to get them to 7 to just unlock her.
    Since then I have used 3-4 times refresh everyday on Han and Chewie and I just completed them 10 days ago.

    I use money on this game on crystals and refresh everything 4 times each.
    And I'm getting annoyed about feeling useless because I don't have her so I hope its not between 3-4 months.
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    I would like to recommend a forum wide rule that people who just missed her last time aren’t allowed to hope for her sooner and people who haven’t quite finished the vets can’t hope for her later. Also no speculation about times the event will return.
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