Need Advice in team gearing

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So, my current lineup(in farm)
Should I really gear up everyone to G-8, or FOTP(he is now g11) can lower the gear rank to 7?


  • YaeVizsla
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    You're definitely going to need more investment than you've got right now, but if the BB-8 event is early next month like I suspect, I sincerely doubt you're gonna meet the star cutoff anyways, making it somewhat moot.

    In general, G8 for everyone is the floor for the significant events, and you go up from there, as the minimums are bad advice; they leave you very RNG dependent and it's always wise to aim higher. Doubly so since FOTP is squishy, even at high gear.
  • ManuG
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    As YaeVizsla said g8 is the minimum for the legendary events. Make sure you gear up all of them to that minimum which isn't that hard and switch your best mods into them for the event.

    Good luck starring up those kylos to 7*, I hope you can afford a lot of refreshes cause you gonna need it if BB8 is early June :smile:
  • I hope 3 refreshes per day and occasional buys in guild store would be enough.
  • Vendi1983
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    Hoping for something similar. Have both Kylos, CP, Stormtrooper all 7* minimum G8. Need about 110 shards to 7* FOTP. Putting all extra resources into getting them up as close to 85 as possible before the event starts.

    Fingers crossed...
  • YaeVizsla
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    Oof. Pulling it off without FOO might be rough.
  • Got it. G7 Phasma, G11 FOTP, G8 - everyone else. Arena Mods.
  • Was simple. Over in 90 seconds. FOO not needed at all. Nobody died in Tier 6 or 7 fights.
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