Is this anywhere ready for CLS

I have R2D2 at 6* which I'll be able to get him to 7* when R2's event drops in with CLS Event. Should I get his Number Crunch Zeta for this?

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  • Don't NEED a zeta for the event but r2s number crunch is a good zeta, need more speed on your characters though
  • Gear and level are fine, you just need SO much speed
  • Should be fine gear-wise. You should not need to zeta R2 for the event, unless you run him in arena now, then of course do it. You're more than adequate for OB, Leia and R2. I had Han at G9 as well and had to move Luke there mid event, but it can be done with what you have with good mods.

    You're going to want a ton of protection on STH - those are the two hardest stages IIRC. You will probably need to move arena mods onto Farmboy as well. Otherwise, you're fine.
  • Youre fine gear wise and would not "waste" a zeta for this, even though R2's woundlt be a waste. I recommend spending 1-2 weeks only on mod challenges, 3* ofcourse. Literally only spend cantina energy there and youll get some good mods eventually.
  • Wait r2 will drop with cls event? Even though he was just ran?
  • Kai_Mulai
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    I believe R2 always has his event at the same time or just before Luke when Luke’s event is happening. Basically, R2’s event does not necessarily mean Luke’s event is coming, but when Luke’s event comes, R2 will be with him. Same with BB8 and Rey
  • Like in the same week? Nice I thought it was a one time thing, then luke, then repeat
  • komji15
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    Give the best modes on them. Gear is fine.
  • Dxtrinc
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    R2 came in May because his character was released on May the 4th. So they celebrated by having him again. I would think this is separate from his regular schedule
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