Quick Update on Release Timing around TU12

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Hello Holotable Heroes!
Today's update went live a little earlier than expected, and we wanted to use this as an opportunity to explain the way our title update process works as it has been causing confusion. The patch notes for TU12 will be arriving tomorrow morning, however you will have started to see some changes to the game as of today’s update. Here’s how a typical release might look (let’s take this week as an example).
  • Monday-Tuesday: We roll the game client out to the respective Android/Apple store - this is when you are able to Update the app through the first parties, and you may see some things in game, but you won’t see most of it. This has happened today, as of 2PM PDT, the client has been rolled out fully to both stores - however it can take up to 24 hours to roll out to everybody all around the world.
  • Tuesday-Thursday: Depending on the release (and other factors), we wait at least 24 hours for the stores to propagate with the client, and then we do the “forced update” (almost always) combined with all of the content and data in the build. This is when you will SEE everything that is supposed to be in the build. And if the forced update is included, the game will require the update for you to continue. This is often done to ensure people are playing on the same version for competitive and cooperative features.
So you should start to see some changes today, and will get the full experience as outlined in the patch notes in the next few days. Patch notes and some other informational stuff will go up this week (including more info about Ships 2.0 and Quests), so please take the time to read through all that while you wait for the build.
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