Rebel Assault Battles Rescheduling Update

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

We mentioned earlier this week that we are rescheduling the upcoming instance of Rebel Assault on 5/21 - 5/26 to another time. We have a big update coming somewhere between those two dates and we decided it was better to reschedule the Rebel Assault in order to make sure that our update didn’t unintentionally collide with guild coordination. We apologize for the schedule change, but we will be compensating all players next Friday (5/25) with the same rewards guilds earned during their last Territory Battle.

We’d like to take this opportunity to also say that we have heard your feedback about the frequency of Territory Battles and Territory Wars and are revisiting how we schedule them. Our goal is to ease the demanding nature of these mode’s schedules, however we acknowledge rewards will need to be comparable over time and we need to figure that out. We do not know what this revised schedule looks like yet, but will publish it sometime shortly after the client update this next week. Until we settle on a new schedule, the existing schedule will remain as is (aside from specific reschedule above).

Thank you for your patience and stay tuned for more information on the changing schedule after the next client update.

1. The previous Territory Battle was Dark Side and the next one that was rescheduled was supposed to be Light Side. Will we receive rewards from the last Light Side or Dark Side Territory Battle?
The previous Dark Side Territory Battle

2. Does this include special mission rewards like shards and guild event currency?

3. What will happen to me if I left my guild or joined a new one?
You will receive the rewards YOU earned from the last Dark Side Territory Battle on (5/7-5/12)

4. Will players who missed the last Dark Side Territory Battle (5/7-5/12) but have participated in Territory Battles before get any compensation?
No, this compensation is only for players who participated in the most recent Dark Side Territory Battle (5/7-5/12)

5. Will we get to roll for gear again or will we receive the exactly rewards we earned from the recent Dark Side Territory Battle 5/7-5/12?
You will receive the exact same rewards as you earned in the most recent Dark Side Territory Battle (5/7-5/12).

6. Will I receive DS Shards or LS Shards as compensation?
You will receive the exact same reward as you earned in the most recent Dark Side Territory Battle (5/7-5/12). This includes DS Shards.
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