Zero-Health Opponents in Galactic War

I was playing Galactic War, using my B-Squad to soften up the other team. Toward the end of the match (my defeat), Talia used her Water of Life ability to heal her team, bringing her health to 0, where it remained when the match ended.

When I went to finish the match with my A-Squad, I found Talia, still at 0 health, to be un-selectable. Not only that, but her turn meter would not move either. After defeating a couple of her allies, with her and Dooku remaining, she was auto-selected. However, whenever I tried to attack her, nothing would happen. Moreover, when I then selected Dooku, my attacks still would not do anything. I tried auto-mode, but that wouldn't do anything either. After trying auto-mode, the settings button remained grayed out, so that I could not even retreat.

I closed the app, restarted the match, and avoided targeting Talia (when she was auto-selected, I simply selected Dooku instead). My attacks on Dooku worked as expected, and when he was defeated I was awarded the victory with Talia still standing there at 0 health and 0 turn meter.


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