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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Below you'll find a more in-depth look at our goals and intentions with the all-new Quests system, as told by a CG Developer:

"One of our objectives in the May update is to help players get to level 85 through a more guided and educational experience. There are so many exciting concepts to introduce to players as you progress that we want to provide short and medium-term goals to walk you through some of the game’s core concepts.

To this end, we are introducing a Quest system where players will be given up to 3 Quest tasks to complete from a handful of shady Cantina Characters. There are 6 Quest givers, each with different kinds of quests, roles within the Cantina, and personalities that should come through in the quest text. This is a chance to immerse players more deeply into the Star Wars lore and give players between level 1-85 goals and an opportunity to learn game concepts and new game modes. Quests tasks will either have you reach a goal to complete (Ex. Get 5 characters to 7 stars) or complete repeatable tasks (Ex. Win 5 Squad Arena battles). Of course, there are rewards and fun dialogue from the Cantina characters along the way!

We also want for players at level 85 to benefit from the Quests system, meaning there will be quests designed specifically for max level players to take on. The difficulty of the level 85 quests can vary greatly, Prestigious Quests are meant to be challenging, require level 85, and are composed of longer term goals to earn exclusive Titles through a series of quests. Other level 85 quests may have you participate in an event, spend ability materials, or hunt down a specific target like Jedi. There are 6 Prestigious Quests initially, each with their own Title to earn and display to the world! We will be reviewing feedback after the initial launch of Quests to see what kind of new quests would be most exciting for players.
Please let us know your thoughts on Quests!


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    So, do the kills from simming battles, ie gw and nodes, count towards quests? That's a lot of wampa and jedi. Also, if I set my team to all jedi, when I sim gw does that count?

    "Simming a battle will not progress a Quest task that requires you defeat 75 Jedi, these kinds of Quests require that you manually battle to defeat the specified enemies! The reasons for this are that some Quests require that a specific character is present or makes the finishing blow. Also, we have some battles where the amount of enemies that show up are variable. In order to reduce complexity, we chose to have these Quests progress through manual battles only and not include the option to sim. In these kinds of Quests you can defeat the enemy in any game mode where that enemy shows up, both PvE and PvP!"
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