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Hello Holotable Heroes!
We come to the next exciting Title Update which includes features that have been crafted for both new and elder players alike!
This release is scheduled between 5/23/18 and 5/24/18, you can find information about all the new features below.
Starting this weekend, to celebrate the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, enjoy double drops on all Light Side nodes (Normal & Hard), Dark Side nodes (Normal & Hard), Cantina Battles, Galactic War, Mod Battles, and Mod Challenges, from 5/25 to 5/27!

Ships combat has been reworked! Prepare to take your Fleets to the next level with Reinforcement Abilities! All Ship ability kits and stats have also been reworked to make battles more exciting and strategic! Experience reworked Ships combat in Territory Wars, Territory Battles, Fleet Arena, and Ship Challenges. The Ship Ability Materials Challenge has been expanded to include a new tier where players can earn new rewards. We’ve also added ‘Fleet Battles’, a new Ships PvE table! Fleet Battles are locked for now, but are coming very soon. What Fleet will you choose to lead you to victory?
  • Reinforcement Abilities (Formerly called Hardware Abilities in the Game): All ships have received a new ability that activates when the ship is called as a reinforcement. These abilities can change the landscape of a ship battle, bringing staggering effects to bear on your enemies and crushing their fleets.See the full list of Reinforcement Abilities here.
  • Starting Fleet: The starting fleet has been changed from 5 to 3 to create faster paced ships combat. With fewer ships on the frontline, players will now have to make tough choices: leverage their powerful Capital Ships devastating attacks and abilities or reinforce with an Ally Ship to change the landscape of the battle.
  • Abilities Updated: All Ship abilities have been updated. Some ships have received extensive reworks to increase their viability and to inject more dynamism into Ship combat. With this update, we’re seeking to bring more compelling Rock-Paper-Scissor gameplay to the Galaxy of Heroes with daily strategy being a regular part of the experience.
  • Timer Decreased: The battle timer has decreased from 7:30 to 5:00.
For more information about Ships, check out the post from @CG_TopHat on Ships 2.0 - An Introduction to Reinforcements

An area that will now drive new and existing players through a series of quests that will help players begin to understand our core mechanics, squad compositions, raids and elder gameplay modes.
  • Levels 2-21: Helps to onboard our newest players teaching them core mechanics such as daily activities, light side, dark side battles and cantina battles.
  • Levels 22-40: Dives further into the middle life cycle of a player. Helping players join guilds, launch raids and begin working on specific teams to help middle life cycle players continue to grow and complete guild based activities.
  • Levels 41-85: These set of quests will drive players to continue to invest in new squads and characters as well as prepare them for the end game content as they hit our max level of 85.
  • Prestigious Quests: These are late game content quests for players who have hit level 85. These quests will award titles to our end game players, which are described below.
  • Daily Activities, Guild Activities and Achievements: We have also moved these activities to the quest hub so all quest related content resides in one place. In addition, Guild Activities has also received a visual overhaul to better surface the goal of every player earning their 600 Raid Tickets daily.
For more information about Quests, check out the post Quests Summary from a CG Developer.

Elder players can earn titles for accomplishing difficult feats, such as completing a specific achievement or finishing a Prestigious Quest.
  • Player Profile Changes: The player profile is now split up into 3 tabs, one displaying the players squad/fleet, the second showing titles, and the third displaying stats.
  • Earning Titles: Titles are earned as rewards from a variety of locations, which are described on the Title’s description. The most common areas being Prestigious Quests and difficult achievements.
  • Selecting Titles: Once a title is earned, it can be selected and will display next to the player’s name when chatting with players outside of Guild Chat Rooms, and on the Squad Arena and Fleet Arena leaderboards.

Starter guilds are the perfect new player experience and continue to be an excellent choice far into the higher levels.
Players of a similar level are grouped together and an automated system will remove churned players, introduce new players, and launch Raids automatically that are appropriate to the player’s level. This creates an experience where the player is in a guild full of active players all working on the same goals.
  • All players who hit level 22 will be automatically entered into starter guilds. In addition, players under level 80 can choose to join a starter guild.
  • There are 7 tiers of Starter Guilds, each of which has a series of quests that ensure the player is strong enough to move on to the next tier.
  • As the player advances into higher starter guild tiers, higher Rancor and eventually Sith Raid tiers will become available. This are auto summoned when the guild has generated enough raid tickets.
  • Once the player has mastered the final tier, we transition the player to a full featured guild

The chat system has received a complete overhaul! We have added brand new functionality to enhance Guild chat and enable chatting outside of your Guild.

Guild Chat Improvements:
You can now create officers chat, view gear donations, mute/report players and show off your social status in chat
  • Officer Chat vs Standard Guild Chat: Once in a standard guild (non-starter guild) players will now have the ability to create up to 5 chat rooms including ones that are officers only.
  • Donations in chat: Gear donation requests are integrated into the default channel of Guild Chat. Players will be able to see who is requesting gear and donate directly from the chat window by selecting the donate button.
  • Guild Status: The player’s guild status (member/officer/leader) displays in Guild channels, making it easier to distinguish the seniority of the person typing.
  • Chat Banner Message: All officers can now change the banner message in chat, allowing the leader to delegate responsibilty.

New Chat Features
We have created brand new ways for players to communicate with their friends, guild mates and people who are not on their ally list. Players now have the ability to create direct chats with other individuals or create a group chat if they would like to communicate with more than one player at a time.
  • Friends (Direct Message): Communicate with anyone inside the game with the new direct messaging. Select from your ally’s list,invite them through their ally code, or create a message directly from the player’s profile.
  • Friends (Group Chat): If you want to add more people to a direct message chat or even invite a huge group of players (up to 500) to a group chat, it’s all possible with the Friends chat type.
  • Reporting/Muting: With all new chat functionality we have also added the ability to mute and report players who are being disrespectful in chat or cheating. There are also protections in place to minimize spamming.
  • Chat Settings: There are settings in chat to limit who can send you chat requests (ex. Guild Members only vs Guild and Allies only vs Everyone)
  • Displaying Titles: Players can choose to display one of their earned titles in a Friends (non-guild) chat room.

The days of needing to throw Ugnaught against a Raid boss to post 0 damage are finally done! Both kicking off a Raid and also joining are now easier than ever saving Guild leaders time.
  • Auto Launching Raids: Officers can now set up a specific tier of each Raid to auto launch at a specific time if enough Raid tickets have been generated. For example: 6pm Raid launch for Sith Raid Tier 5 and 7pm Raid launch for Heroic Rancor
  • Tagging Raid/No Damage Period: Officers can specify a period of time (1 to 24 hours) that players can tag the Raid but are not allowed to do damage. Tagging is done by tapping a “Join” button which will auto post 0 damage and qualify the player for rewards.
  • Players That Haven’t Tagged: Guild members that have not tagged the Raid will display on the leaderboard with a dash to give officers a quick list of who to message.

We are now introducing Basic Training events! Here's your chance to learn effective combat techniques borrowing units from popular factions such as Rebels, Empire, First Order and Resistance. The first Basic Training event unlocks at level 26, where you will understand how to use your Rebel squad against the fearsome Empire.

The find flow is now more convenient, allowing shipments and packs to be purchased directly within the flow. In addition, we have made some visual improvements including displaying the raid images instead of text.

A one-time gift of Reinforcement and Ship Omega materials will be arriving to the inbox of all players at or above level 60! Reinforcement Materials will also be available on Cantina Node 6-A for a limited time. Use Reinforcement materials to power up the all-new Reinforcement ability on your ships! We'll remove Reinforcement material from the node with the release of the Fleet Battles table.

Ships 3v3 Launch Bundle
This is a limited-time offer celebrating the release of Ships 2.0! This bundle contains a trio of both light side and dark side ship blueprints and all-new Reinforcement Materials.
  • Ship Blueprints:
    • Sun Fac's Geonosian Starfighter (x30)
    • Geonosian Spy's Starfighter (x30)
    • Geonosian Soldier's Starfighter (x30)
    • Plo Koon's Jedi Starfighter (x30)
    • Clone Sergeant's ARC-170 (x30)
    • Umbaran Starfighter (x30)
  • Character Shards:
    • Sun Fac (x50)
    • Geonosian Spy (x80)
    • Plo Koon (x50)
    • CT-5555 (Fives) (x50)
  • Ship Building Materials
  • Enhancement Droids
  • Ship Reinforcement Materials
Date available: May 23rd
Maximum # purchases: 1
Minimum Level requirements: 60+

Reinforcement Materials Bundle
This limited-time offer on Ship Omega Materials and all-new Reinforcement Materials will help you power up your reworked Ships to dominate your opponents in Fleet Arena!
  • Ship Omega Ability Materials
  • Ship Building Materials
  • Enhancement Droids
  • Ship Reinforcement Materials
Date available: May 23rd
Maximum # purchases: 1
Minimum Level requirements: 75+

The following characters are now farmable in the following locations:
Darth Sion
  • Light Side 9-A
  • Replaces First Order Stormtrooper

Visas Marr
  • Dark Side 7-B
  • Replaces Rey (Scavenger)

  • A zeta badge indicator now shows up on portraits of characters you own that have zeta abilities activated. A number displays how many zetas have been activated. They will also now show up on character portraits of your opponents’ characters.
  • Whenever you see gear in the stores or receive it as rewards, it will indicate if it is needed by a favorite character with the favorite badge indicator. If it is needed by a non-favorited character, the green circle will remain the indicator.
  • Guild Raid panels are now ordered correctly by progression.
  • After a squad has died on a raid attempt, the screen will say “Attempt Over” instead of “Defeat”.
  • There are now new tutorials to help officers understand the features they have access to in a guild.
  • Ship Abilities Maxed Cover Icon Fix- changed the word maxed on ship ability icons to a green check mark for easier readability.
  • Modified the Defeated Squad Overlay in Territory Wars- you will now be able to view squads that have been defeated in Territory Wars more easily.
  • Revamped the look and feel of the guild exchange screen to match the new donations in chat feature.
  • Some inbox messages will now have a “More Info” link.
  • The Guilds that show up in Recommended now prioritizes Guilds that have launched a Raid recently.
  • Some passive abilities were showing "Reusable in X turns" (ex. Rancor) or "0 Speed" (Bounty Hunter Contracts) when it wasn’t appropriate.
  • Rearranging units based on height has been re-enabled for characters. This is to ensure that players can always view and select any of their units (ex. Ally Assist). Characters will only be arranged at the beginning of the first encounter, fixing the bug that caused us to turn this off in TU11.

  • [Android] Fixed an error that occurs after swiping to kill app process on the Google Pixel XL.
  • Erroneous message "Your device isn't compatible with this version" no longer appears on Samsung devices after updates.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing the back button on a Chromebook will exit the game instead of minimizing the game.
  • K-2SO should no longer remain stuck in the running animation.
  • Grandmaster Yoda and General Kenobi will no longer show up when “Rebel” is typed in the character text search.
  • HK-47 will no longer show up when “Bounty Hunter” is typed in the character text search.
  • Jedi Knight Anakin and General Grievous’s 3D models will now center properly in the Characters section.
  • Geonosian Spy’s weapon is now aligned properly with the character’s hand.
  • Fixed an issue where characters with the favorite tag were being sorted incorrectly in different areas of the game.
  • Territory Battle Stats Tab is more consistent.
  • [Ships] Fixed an issue with Slave I’s ability “Proton Torpedoes” dealing damage and applying Ability Block through Foresight.
  • [Ships] TIE Silencer's ability "Disruptive Advance" will now reapply the Advantage buff when the unit already had Advantage.
  • [Ships] Bistan's U-Wing ability "Opening Move" can no longer be evaded while in stealth.
  • [Ships] Endurance’s ability “Fortune Favors the Bold” Valor buff no longer stacks.
  • [Ships] TIE Reaper's ability "Heavy Interference" no longer increases own cooldowns instead of target's when enemy has no buffs.
  • [Ships] Fixed an issue where some ships would only use their Basic abilities while on defense or when battle is set to Auto.
  • Fixed an issue where tapping on the back button in Characters Inventory directs the user to Guild Home Screen.
  • [Audio] Lightsabers now have an ignition sound effect in the inventory character window.

See you on the Holotables!

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    Removed incorrect patch note regarding multiple units gaining 100% Turn Meter simultaneously. This was removed from the final release due to balance implications.
    Added Chat Settings under New Chat Features
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    After your feedback, we went back and looked at why we didn't include Galactic War and it was just an oversight on our part. So good news everybody? The upcoming double drops will also include Galactic War!
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