Can somebody suggest teams to defeat the tank

I am mainly interested in the strongest teams.


  • Waqui
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    If you scroll through this thread, you will see a list of suggestions for all phases:

    Please be aware, that the information is a bit outdated. F.ex. it doesn't list the Wampanader team which has the potential to solothe whole thing, or the Datcha + CLS + Zolo that solos phase 1 and the AA, Zentress, CLS, BB8, Thrawn team, that solos slightly more than phases 3 and 4.

    Happy hunting :—)
  • Robindeon
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    P1: CLS + Raid Han + R2
    CLS OR Zylo (In and outstyle)
    CLS + Raid Han + Datcha

    P2: Zeta Finn + Poe + STR + BB8 + Pilot
    Zody + Sg clone + Fives + Echo + Leia
    Zeta KRU + Zylo + FOE + FOO + SF Pilot

    P3: JTR + CLS + R2 + BB8 + Thrawn
    ABC squad

    P4: ABC squad
    JTR + CLS + R2 + BB8 + Thrawn
    Zeta Veers + Zeta Stark + Snowtrooper + Deathtrooper + Imperial ST
    Zody + Sg clone + Fives + Echo + Leia
    Zeta KRU + Zylo + FOE + FOO + SF Pilot
  • LynnYoda
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    phase 1 Dathcha lead, CLS + Raid Han can solo it, make sure CLS escapes though.

    phase 3 Ackbar lead, CLS, BB8, Thrawn + Ventress can solo it and most of phase 4 too if you get decent RNG

    both easy teams that most people should have almost ready
  • YKMisfit
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    I'm not sure I'd call those "easy" teams. The first one is 2 toons that requires 10 toons to be farmed to 7*, plus another that requires you to be in a strong guild for months (even taking top spot, that's about 3 months).

    The second has 2 characters that you can farm (though not simultaneously since they come from the same store), and the other 3 require a full Phoenix team, a full FO team, a complete Empire team, and 4 specific rebels to get. Heck, it requires you to farm 5 characters to 7* from the squad arena store alone. That's 160 days for someone in the top 100 of the arena just to get Ackbar, Ventress, Kanan, Leia, and STHan.

    Granted, the legendary/hero's journey toons ARE characters that people should be farming towards early on, but it takes a lot of coordination and character development to get either of those teams in place.
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