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  • Finally defeated the Rebels! It's honestly a fight about praying to the RNG side of the Force and hope for the best. The Empire event is definitely easier. Proof the darkside is the way to go :D
  • @vadess40 congrats!
  • This was kicking my butt and then I used the advice here and beat it in 1 try. Just used Han, R2 and Luke to keep the big 3 stunned and saved up CLS Use the force power to debuff the stormtroopers when they used taunt. Kept Leia hidden the whole time and it was easy.

    Thanks to all!
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    I tried to follow the advice in the comments - stun everyone especially the big three - but it’s not working. One of their attacks can sometimes wipe out one of my players with full health, it’s literally so much harder than tier 2. I think some of it might depend on RNG but I’m not sure. Plz help. I’ve been stuck on it for so long.

    Edit: I just got it!!! The advice worked, but I hadn’t realized that you can switch the target by clicking on people (after you use CLS “use the force” to take away the ST taunt). It was actually really helpful so thanks everyone!
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