What happened to the shard shop originally?

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While I was looking through the swgoh YouTubers, I came across a shard shop guide that explains how to get good characters from the shard shop and now that I saw this, what happened? There are so many f2p players and the shard shop looks like it was such a good place for us f2p players. Why the change?


  • crzydroid
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    You only got two shards at a time for like 300 currency. It was something like a 10:1 exchange rate. For a while they started sticking new toons such as Baze in there for a while before they were farmable elsewhere, but it was also pretty expensive. If your concern is getting shards as f2p, Shard Shop wasn't the place to do it.

    It's actually much easier and cheaper to get more useful gear from there now than it was before. So overall the change is good.
  • Turasleon
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    Yeah this was an extremely beneficial change. They also significantly increased what was available in the guild and fleet stores around this time, and also added the guild event store.
  • Kyno
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    The gear is much better.

    You could get a toon there before but it took a lot of currency being saved to get there.
  • CPace
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    but isn't the point of being a f2p player all about patience?
  • CPace wrote: »
    but isn't the point of being a f2p player all about patience?

    Sure. And now you can be even more patient. It really wasn't a good place to get shards, speaking as a pure f2p player. The gear is much better now.
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