Content Update 5/25/2018 [Mega]

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Hello Holotable Heroes!

Below you’ll find the content featured in today’s update, 5/25/2018.

With the release of Solo: A Star Wars story upon us, we are thrilled to bring you the sharp and savvy new addition, Qi’ra. She is a versatile leader that synergizes especially well with the rest of the Solo team.
For more information about her abilities, check out the character kit below:

Preparation Perfection III
To the Prepared go the spoils! In Preparation Perfection III learn more about the Prepared mechanic and team up with Qi'ra, a leader who synergizes well with the Solo: A Star Wars Story new characters!
  • Event begins: May 25th
  • Level requirements for event: 20+
  • Forced Ally: Qi’ra

Ships 2.0 Starter Event
Reinforce that Fleet!
In the all new Geonosian Fleet Advanced Tactics event learn about the new Reinforcement update, and start building a powerful Geonosian Fleet. Participating in this event earns shards of Geonosian Characters, Ships, and Reinforcement Ability Materials!
  • Tier 1 features a tutorial about the new Reinforcement system.
  • Tier 2 features a full forced squad of Geonosian Ships and awards Blueprints of those ships each time you win to help you get started on a powerful Geonosian Fleet!
  • Tier 3 requires you to bring your own ships, but awards the new Reinforcement Ability Materials!
  • Event begins: May 26th, will return every Monday until Late June (see the June Calendar)
  • Level requirements for event: 60+

The Tuesday Guild Activity has been changed from Galactic War Battles to Spend Energy!
Spending energy in Light Side, Dark Side, Cantina and Fleet battles will now count toward the Tuesday Guild Activity!

The Fleet Arena crystal rewards have been expanded to celebrate the Ships update! Ranks #26 - #50 will now receive a crystal payout. Prepare your fleets for victory!

Heist: Qi’ra Pack
Purchase the Heist: Qi'ra Pack to power up Qi'ra!
This high-utility Attacker works well with her Scoundrel allies and can contribute to devastating combos using the all-new Preparation ability.
Each pack guarantees at least 5 shards for Qi’ra and may drop up to 330 SHARDS!
Date available: May 25th
1299 Crystals
Maximum # purchases: None
Minimum Level requirements: 20+

Heist: Qi’ra Bundle
Bundle Includes:
  • Qi’ra (x30)
  • Credits
  • XP Training Droids
  • Ability Mats
  • Gear
Date available: May 25th
Maximum # purchases: 1
Minimum Level requirements: 20+

  • We are aware of an issue where the title “Vader’s Fist” is available for players to select even though they have yet to claim the title reward from the achievement. We are investigating how to correct this issue and will keep you updated on our progress.

  • The Emperor hologram now displays correctly in CC-2224’s (Cody) hand during his special ability animation.
  • Corrected repetitive wording in Ships 3v3 Launch Bundle description.
  • Fixed an issue with Rebel Roundup Tier 2 & 3 not properly respecting unit star-rarity requirements. Tier 2 now correctly requires 5-Star units, and the Bonus Tier now correctly requires 7-Star units
  • Fixed an issue in Capital Ship Challenges Tier IV where players would receive a “Minimum Unit Requirements” error message despite having all required ships.
  • Multi-Sim for Ship Challenges is no longer available before earning 3-Stars on the new Ship Ability Materials Tier IV Challenge.

"We know there have been some questions around how the AI handles calling in Reinforcements during Ship battles and wanted to shed some light on how it works. Due to the importance of board presence and the new Reinforcement Abilities, the Reinforcement AI will prioritize Fleet survivability first. Then, it checks battlefield conditions to determine if a heal or dispel (ally or enemy) is needed. Finally, offense-oriented ships will be called if the other options are not available. In an instance where more than one ship can fulfill any of the same conditions, it will call the ship in the left-most reinforcement slot first." @CG_CMandellorian

See you on the Holotables!

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  • SithAmer
    197 posts Member

    The drop rate for 6A is horrendous. I did 20 sims with double drops and got only 2!

    Can the devs clarify if they have set a special drop rate for this? I would not like to use up my double drop opportunity on such a "fixed" node.

    Best regards,
    Cough Cough

    PS: Jar Jar Binks Rules!
  • 1600 cantina energy with double drops netted me a grand total of 22 mats
  • ShaolinPunk
    3486 posts Moderator
    **Please tag me (@ShaolinPunk) if you need assistance.** My Collection. . My Poll.. Ally Code: 332-622-913 Discord: shaolin_punk#2107
  • All of that's fine.. EXCEPT the guild activity update. Turned one of the two activities that could be done well with simply some planning (saving as many of the previous day's as possible). Into an activity that either wastes energy build up from the timer by stockpiling, or costs crystals in refreshes.
  • TVF
    31420 posts Member
    I'm pretty sure you don't have to spend a bunch of crystals if you don't want to, just to earn an extra 25 guild currency.
    The CGDF is no more. Now we hate CG because of conquest. Say hi in our Discord!
  • TVF wrote: »
    I'm pretty sure you don't have to spend a bunch of crystals if you don't want to, just to earn an extra 25 guild currency.

    I'm talking about the guild as a whole. It adds up
  • TVF
    31420 posts Member
    edited May 2018
    Ok, 125 guild currency. At most, and probably less.

    You haven't even seen the payout structure yet.
    The CGDF is no more. Now we hate CG because of conquest. Say hi in our Discord!
  • Lol. Some of our members are still growing and need every little bit.
  • Roopehun
    344 posts Member
    Whats the requirement for the own fleet in the Geo fleet event?
  • Degs29
    330 posts Member
    I am, no joke, 0 for 30 battles. I think the assumption people are making is that the drop rate is 10%, but obviously I'm freaking unlucky....

    360 cantina energy down the drain :(
  • Neo2551
    1824 posts Member
    @CG_CMandellorian basically it is useless to have Poe in reinforcement because he will probably be called last, and as most battle ends with 1/2 reinforcement, it is useless?

    This is really a questionnable decision, why not let player decide the turn order?
  • UdalCuain
    4527 posts Member
    "Ranks #26 - #50 will now receive a crystal payout. Prepare your fleets for victory!" So no crystals for 21-25? Lol
  • Gorem
    1185 posts Member
    IT'S A TRAP! tm*
  • The problem is we have members from all over the world in our guild from various time zones. To better accommodate them we have rotating raid launches. Meaning if Pit launches today at 6:30pm, it will launch at 6:30am the next time we are able. Same goes for HAAT ect ... I love the new setup, but please, more options like specific days of the week as soon as tickets are available and alternating AM and PM launches would be ideal.
  • I see your point, but can you imagine how complicated that interface would be?

    We used it for the first time last night. But since you can set a join period for a manual launch anyway, we’re likely not going to bother.
  • locodiel
    92 posts Member
    Got 18 so far from ~800 energy crystals.
  • OnJouney
    309 posts Member
    Got 2 out of 500 energy
  • Shade_Thanewulf
    229 posts Member
    edited May 2018
    I'm no designer by any means. I can build my own PC's and I'm somewhat comp literate, (self taught), however, there's no way I understand what goes into that. So from my limited perspective, I can't see how much tougher it could be to add at least another 24 hour setting. That lets us do the AM to PM. We already have daily guild events so there's some sort of counter for that in place also.
  • Shade_Thanewulf
    229 posts Member
    edited May 2018
    Also I was under the impression the join period only takes effect if you let the system launch on the schedule you put down. As in manual launches won't have it. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  • UdalCuain
    4527 posts Member
    Just bumping this because barely anyone has seen it and it's on the second page of recent discussions.
  • MFGM
    34 posts Member
    Is there gonna be a young landó ?
  • Atlas1
    1713 posts Member
    3 for 40, 10% is about right. Absolutely horrendous.
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