Who for the first order?

So it’s a bit of a way aways for me, but I was curious which First Order toons would you recommend. Cause I know some people say, FOE or FOSFTP are great, but other players hate them. What would you recommend?


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    I’m no expert....this is the faction I’m working on right now:
    But here’s what I’m doing

    1) KRU - obviously
    2) Kylo
    3) FOO - easy farm and good
    4) Phasma - easy farm
    5) FOTP - Fleet and 2 nodes.
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    I'm trying to farm this team right now for the BB8 event, and I find that FOX (FO Executioner) does really well.
    I'm doing
    KRU(L), Kylo(Z), Phasma, FOO, FOX. I would do FOTP but instead of phasma cause damage, but Phasma is way easier to farm.
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    Phasma is a temporary filler character. Easy to get, but not very good now that First Order has another lead.

    The core of a First Order team is Kylo Ren Unmasked as leader and one of the best tanks in the game, First Order Officer, as an amazing support, and First Order Stormtrooper, as an excellent tank. First Order does well under double tank.

    After that? Two First Order attackers. Any two. Masked Kylo. Executioner. TIE Pilot. SF TIE Pilot. Doesn't matter.

    Cantina farms are a neverending conga line, so if you want to minimize consecutive cantina farms, then KRUM from cantina, FOO from cantina store, FOST from hard nodes, FOSFTP from guild store, and FOTP from fleet store.
    Still not a he.
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    Thanks so far all! I unlocked FOE since I missed his marquee, and I can definitely say that smexy beast is a lock for my team.
    YaeVizsla wrote: »
    Cantina farms are a neverending conga line,

    Yeah, trying to keep a balance between Ezra and Hera right now is hard, and in the future I need FO, Death Trooper, The vets, some empire, and finish dooku:(
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