What was the point of mod battles?

Having completed all tiers of hard mode and cantina battles I have recently been working on finishing mod challenges and just had to look back into mod battles. Having been a player for quite some time I just have to ask...why mod battles? What purpose did they serve other than reward us with 1 or 2 dot mods which had the worst stat boosts. With mod challenges offering more of a challenge as far as difficulty and far better rewards mod battles seem to he nothing more than a waste of space.


  • TVF
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    Because you need to progress? Because if you're given everything right away there's no more reason to play?
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  • Vendi1983
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    You don't unlock the corresponding mod challenge until you complete it's entire row of mod bottles.

    Then the challenges themselves are faction specific.

    Figured it was self explanatory. When you're first learning how to mod would you rather blow 500k per mod on the wrong mods or learn it with ones that only cost 25-50k to max?

    What's the point of lower tier raids? Why not only do heroic? Same reason. Learn.
  • cboath7
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    I think it's more of a question of why have 7 or 8 nodes for 1 and 2 dot, when 3-5 are one battle.

    the argument of having to take time is saying 'so you have to grind'. I guess there's an element of preparation to it since everything is a massive grind towards the end, but still.

    You're not getting it all right away if it's all mod challenge with 5 tiers instead of 3 and the first two are level locked.

  • I always looked at mod battles as a mod tutorial. To start out with those 2 dot mods to get a feel for how they work.then replacing them with the mods you get from the challenges.
  • Might as well ask what’s the point of PVP when you’re facing the AI and not a player. The whole concept is just to grind and stymie player growth and expansion and encourage player spending.
  • Since mods open at lvl 50, you’re not likely to be completing faction specific challenges, the table provides a way to accumulate mods so you can become comfortable with them without spending a ton in resources. Also, back in the day mod challenges weren’t Guaranteed drops so getting a complete set of 5 dots was super difficult when chasing the elusive triangle. You used to see a lot of people running 5 dot mods on everything and then a 1 or 2 dot triangle haha. I used to farm triangles from the table... those were the days...
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