Airplane Practice No Longer Possible

With the new auto start QOL feature of auto registration we are no longer able to practice squads (ex new Wampas) in HAAT.
Is there something that people think would be a better fix to this?
For me, practicing new squads without the stress of the raid or phases being over quickly, has always been a major source of satisfaction in the game.
Our guild is still waiting for all the auto-joiners. Already auto joined with the 0 damage post myself, but feel something should be done/ steps taken to restore players (for new players as well testing Rancor) ability to Airplane squads in the raids.


  • It’s simple, don’t set a join period, then it’s business as usual. Nothing needs changing.
  • Yes but Guild Leader just told me that can set auto join for 15hours or something. Still leaves time for practice.
  • FailingCrab
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    The length of the auto join period shouldn't matter - from what I've seen it gets added on BEFORE the 2 day time limit, ie the 2 day timer starts when the join period ends.

    Your guild could easily add an 'unofficial' further no hit period and do things exactly as you were before this change.
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