Can g10 Vader/Ep carry 7* R2

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Pretty much the title, don’t have zeta on Ep lead. Force crush and culling blade are omega’d. Other three are tfp/st/tarkin with ultimate firepower omega’d. The other three are g7/8.


  • FailingCrab
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    That should do you as long as your mods are up to scratch. Mine were similar gear levels at the time, if not a bit lower
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  • Wardai
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    Best speed mods I have go thrawn (6* unfortunately +73) vader (+55), tarkin, tfp. Palp has two potency sets with +42 speed.

    Reason is sought of going overboard with gearing cls toons, need 1 piece for old ben and farm luke to get to g10 and thanks to the new fleet changes only need one more ship for zeta challenge.
  • with the current Palpatine unique, rebels in the event will turn to ash by themself. You might even want to try it on auto
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