[minor spoilers for Solo] Solo character speculation

we all know Young Han Solo does magnificently due to his stacking offense (see McMole2's vid, he can do 500k damage). Qi'ra provides the Scoundrel leader we need, which means we need 2 more for a full squad.

If the Solo release plans are anything like R1, we should be expecting very strong synergy without any specific tags (zJyn lead + Chaze prot regen, Cassian and Jyn, etc.). This means that we're 2 away from a full Solo squad, maybe with a few outliers (think Bistan, Pao, Bodhi for R1).

Who will be the ones in the game?

Here are my thoughts:

we know he certainly will be added to the game, and probably with no leader ability. Probably a Qi'ra like kit but with more survivability and less offense, to fit the fact he's a veteran smuggler.

Young Lando:
no questions here, he has a near 100% chance of making it into swgoh. Probably a support type character who doles out buffs.

maybe a K2-like supporting character? I'm not too sure he'll make it.

Dryden Vos:
Hopefully he gets to use those double blades of his (PLEASE give us another armor shred character!)


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