my thoughts about this game so far

I have played this game since a few days after it was released on Google Play
I admit it like that before I started to take advantage of the forum to examine what it will be a good idea to focus on have made a few errors

but as a whole are happy with how things are going for me
Play this game to relax a little before bed time as well as during the day
I reached level 50 and have seen that there are many who write about that they violated drop rate is too low
but can not see any problem with it if it was as high as many would like it to be
then there would be no challange in this game

because if it was too easy to get hold of the different things
I do not think that there would be people like myself pleasing the time to play every day
and it is both an investigative ends and relaxing game
so definitely done a good job so far
will be interesting to see what comes of new content over time


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