Updated chat thoughts.

First let me say, I was excited when I heard about the chat update, seemed like it would make it easier, different "rooms", etc. But theres 2 major issues my guildies and I agree on with chat:
1. Gear requests, unnecessary and clutters up chat bad. We did make a second channel and labeled it "MAIN CHAT" to avoid the gear.. but kind of silly we had to do that instead of having an option to turn off request, because we know where the donation section is.
2. When having multiple channels, in our case we made a main chat, TB, TW, and raid channel, we noticed that there's no way to tell who's posted where. Now we have to click through each to make sure members aren't getting ignored.
A simple fix would be to have the option to remove gear requests, and also implement the little red dot notification symbol to see tell where someone is recently posted in


  • Athusk
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    Likewise, my guild has made different channels as the main guild chat is cluttered with gear requests, gear, star ups and such.

    Even though the chat update was really nice, our guild defaulted back to our third party comms app (Discord server).

    It did however make it easier to directly message shard mates which is a definite pro in the update. Hopefully an update will come out soon to fix this (after fixing all other necessary updates first)
  • Have you tried turning off guild announcements in the chat settings? Not sure if that's just for the gear and star advancements or if it'd clear out gear donations too.

    I've gotten used to and actually like the gear donation requests now. My gear requests get filled in no time now.
  • Perdogie
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    Turning off the guild announcements doesn’t prevent the gear posting, unfortunately. We’ve also made a separate room for chatting and have abandoned the default one.
    Another issue, though small, is that when switching betweens chats it always starts at the beginning of the thread rather than the bottom where the latest comments would be.
  • I noticed that everywhere. Click manage under guild section I'm in the middle of my guild list too. Kinda annoying lol
  • They should make world wide chat....
    Get good and get a Revan. Ryanwhales
  • Ryanwhales wrote: »
    They should make world wide chat....

    Just no
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