Grandivory's Mods Optimizer v1.0

Like many of you, I've found the task of managing my mods to be excessively onerous. In order to try to make it a bit easier, I decided to build a tool to automate as much of it as possible, and as of today, it's finally ready for its initial release!
I call my tool Grandivory's Mods Optimizer (! It works on a simple principle - every stat has some value for a particular character, and if you know those values, you can calculate the value of a mod, or set of mods, for that character. With a list of characters and an arsenal of mods, the tool can automatically maximize the stat values for each character, relieving you of the need to search through the hundreds of mods in your inventory!
This tool won't help you figure out what mods to farm, and it can't link to the game, so you still need to move your mods by hand, but it should make at least one aspect of mod management easier for everyone.
There are also links to send feedback or to help contribute to the development of the tool in the footer.

Happy modding!


  • Caiaphas
    109 posts Member
    No matter what I do, it tells me that my mods are optimal. I must be doing something wrong.

    If I understand the tool correctly, I keep the toons that I want to optimise my mods for in the right column, and the toons that I don't care about I move to the Locked column.

    But, the tool doesn't consider the mods on the toons in the "locked" column, which means that it might overlook the best mod that I have that I accidentally put on a pilot, which I don't care about, which is why I moved the pilot to the "locked" column. Unless I am mistaken on how it works, I would suggest as feedback point #1 to consider all mods on all toons.

    The thing that I don't understand is that I don't seem to be able to change the order of the toons - they are alphabetical. The tool says that, "it will go down the list of selected characters, one by one, choosing the best mods it can find for each character. As it finishes each character, it removes those mods from its consideration set. Therefore, the character that you want to have your absolute best mods should always be first among your selected characters."

    But that just means that it is optimising mods for toons that begin with "A", after which your best mods have been assigned. I don't see how to change the order of the toons.

    Maybe I am missing something, or more than one thing. I really love the idea, but I can't seem to get it to work.

    If you could choose a single toon*, and the Tool went through all of your mods and then suggested the best mods for that toon, and then you chose a second toon, and the Tool went through all of your mods (except the mods it just assigned to your first toon) and suggested the best mods for that toon, etc., I would understand it. But I don't think that is how this tool works. Unless I am wrong.

    * or prioritize all of your toons in a list, and the Tool went through the list, optimising the mods for each toon, iterating through the list

  • You should be seeing three columns on the main page. The left column is "Locked Characters". The purpose of that column is specifically to prevent mods on those characters from being moved. Unless you have specific toons that you don't want to re-mod (like Han Solo for HSTR P3, for example), you can leave that column blank. The middle column will always be alphabetical, and is "Available Characters". These are toons that the tool won't optimize for, but whose mods will be considered when optimizing your other characters. There should be one more column on the right, called "Selected Characters". That's the column that the tool will optimize, in order.

    I'm guessing that you didn't see that column, and so you're not selecting any characters to optimize, which is why the tool thinks that your mods are already optimized. Hopefully that helps!
  • Caiaphas
    109 posts Member
    Exactly the problem - I am only getting 2 columns.

    Browser issue, maybe?
  • I'm guessing it's just the way that I'm styling my columns to use the browser real-estate. I'll push a fix tonight that should help make better use of smaller browser windows so that you can see everything.
  • Given the very decided stance on 3rd party software by EA/CG, is this sanctioned by them? I ask because I need to know before suggesting it to my guild.
  • The only feedback I've gotten from EA/CG on this so far (in the admittedly few hours it's been available) is to move this post to from General to Off-topic. That said, since the tool doesn't interface with the game directly, and since other mod management tools have existed for a long time, I'd be surprised if they took issue with it. I'd actually love to work with them to make the tool even better, if they were interested!
  • Ok, thank you. I'll watch and see. Traditionally they do NOT sanction outside endeavors. But with the GC's, they may be rethinking this stance. Best of luck to you!
  • Hey all! I've created a discord server for my mods optimizer, to try to pull discussion into one place and to give me a place to post about releases, upcoming features, faqs, etc. Join at your leisure!
  • I think for me to use this tool, quite a lot of effort needs to be put in to edit each character and tune the parameters for them, but that is quite complex.
    I messed with the number a bit, but I couldn't get the hang of them...

    I found it mostly did things that I didn't want it to do.
    For example, for a zFinn led resistance team, you want high potency to land exposes and high speed on Poe to try and expose enemies before that get a chance to go at the start of an encounter.
    The default values removed huge amounts of potency from all my resistence characters and lots of speed off Poe.

    I'm wondering if when you edit a character if there is a way to provide a simple/basic way of providing a list of attributes such as speed, potency, health, protection, critical damage, offence, critical chance, an so on and have you sort/number them in order of priority of what you want and have the tool work off that.
    Basically a simplified alternative for those where tuning all the numbers is too tricky.
  • I'm working on simplifying the stat value tweaking a bit, and also adding in named strategies for characters, so people looking for basic usage could just pick something like "Speed over potency" or "Crit-based attacker". It'll be a bit before that's ready, but it should help make the tool a little easier to use!
  • Irry
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    Love the work. It helped me immensely. Can't wait till you update it with the new characters!
  • Is there a link for a desktop version and does it work better on there? My guild just got introduced and I can't figure it out on my phone.

    Found it. going to try now.
  • Trying out the mod optimizer for the first time. Thank you for putting in so much effort. I like how you can lock characters, to omit them from the list. I do feel that this is too cumbersome to be as useful as intended, not saying it isn't. I used to use for moving mods and the beauty in that was the simplicity and speed of finding out what my best mods were. Maybe fine tuning stats is better for a more dedicated and advanced player, which I am not. I loved the fact that I could select a character, then the mod types I wanted to boost, like speed and crit chance, then it compiles a list.
    The idea about making a pre-made list of basic mods suggestions is awesome!
  • hardvig
    22 posts Member
    I love using your Mod Optimizer!
    I'm sure the experts can make minor tweaks to their setups and gain a little advantage over someone using "just" your optimizer, but I guess that's how it should be :)

    As a total mod noob it's great for getting me somewhere in the ballpark of where I need to be :)

    Great job! Great tool!
  • Huatimus
    2974 posts Member
    Just tried it today. Great work on making such a good tool. Saved me a lot of effort.
  • Not working for me today...
  • I've noticed that it isn't taking take advantage of the bonuses - are they or are they not analyzed?
  • Hey, just checking. Was there a problem with the MOD Optimizer? It was working then reloaded and hasnt worked since (about 3 days). Just checking
  • TrojanX wrote: »
    I've noticed that it isn't taking take advantage of the bonuses - are they or are they not analyzed?

    I asked about this and this is the response I got:

    Right now, there's no way to force my optimizer to keep sets together (it's something that I plan to add in the future). It's worth noting, however, that keeping sets together will never produce a better result than allowing the optimizer to separate them. The optimizer already takes set bonuses into account, so if you'd be better served by using sets, it would already be suggesting them. When it splits sets, it thinks that the secondary stats on the split mods are better than what you could get by limiting yourself to the set.
    If you do want to keep a set together, the other thing you can do is play with increasing the value for the stat that the bonus confers (health or potency, in this case), until the optimizer suggests the set.

    Basically, if the mod set serves the character better, than the optimizer will go with a mod set. The way it works, and this was a month or so ago, it goes for the best mods available. If there is a set that best benefits the character, it will select those.
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