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Hi im looking for a guild that does heroic raids my gp is 1.7 million Ivan solo heroic pit.646qnq3qy07y.png


  • Kyno
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  • Are you still looking? Blue Saber Addicts is a 93 mil gp guild...if you are interested please contact me back on here.
    ASA, leader
  • Dunmer Alliance.
    We run Hpit and Haat. Discord required. 24 hour zero damage phase and a 7 day inactivity kick unless you tell us first. TB 20ish stars and 19-3 in TW. Guild reset and raids start at 830pm EST. Feel free to join our Discord and check us out! HDNKWW5
  • Hi, still looking? Squadron 666 (91M GP) has spot open. Raids launch time 7:00 pm BST. We use Line app. My Line ID is anduinlothar2017.
  • Harrison, Primal Alliance is a 73m gp guild. We raid hpit, haat and sith at mid-tiers. We use LINE only. Shoot me a message @Buddha-Fett on LINE if you want further info, we would be happy to have you. I can let you know our reset and raid times on LINE and other useful info.
  • Bobo_Gump
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    117mil GP Mad HAATers want you!
    PM me
  • Newly formed the muffins have stared a new guild because of stilfling rules, we can complete haat hpit with just 8 members, if you want to be in a relaxed guild then come and join our crusade
  • akbars aces
  • Did you find a guild i sent message
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