xFuryx is recruiting

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We are a US PST based guild looking for members to push closer towards the Heroric Sith Raid. As a 118m power guild we currently complete tier4-5 on the sith raid regularly. After the big brother guild, Fury, conquered the heroic tier soundly we're now looking to bring up xFuryx to that level as quick as we can.
In our most recent Territory Battles we got 35-37 stars in each, but we have since had a major reshuffle and expect that to increase. Active in Territory Wars and frequently win.
We're flexible, and the most important thing is that you're active, but ideally, you'll have some of the following:
  • approx 2m gp
  • Rey (Jedi Training) or are currently ready for when she next appears
  • Deathtrooper
  • the necessary teams for TB special missions, particularly troopers for Probe Droid
If you're interested, contact me via pm and send me your swgoh.gg link. Guild communication is done through line so it is a must.
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