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Hello. I was wondering how teams should be set up? Are they like the teams people set up in World of Warcraft.

Tank, Healer, and then 3 more folks that do damage (DPS)

I'm almost to level 65 and figured if I want to help my Guild I need to get things down.

Any help would be appreciated.

Since I'm at level 65 I don't really want to start back over with farming new characters. If there's a way I can use the people I have right now, that is what I would prefer.



  • Who do you have?
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    Typically a team is composed of tank, attack and support....

    You need to farm characters with synergy (characters that work well together), and this typically means characters from the same faction....

    If you don't want to farm toons, then this game is likely not for you....
  • I like farming toons I just don't want to scrap my current team and restart all over. (Which is what my guild suggested.)

    Let me get a screen shot of my characters and I'll post them below.

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    You have both Kylos.... I would start building a first order team...... They do.decent in arena and hold well on defence in territory wars (my FO team in this TW has fended off 6 attacks and has yet to lose any health, just protection).....

    Also, by farming Kru, you will also get an awesome ship at the same time...
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    With what you currently have, btw, I would gear and level up Vader and run

    Kru (lead)
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    Alternatively, you can get an account on, then you can just post a link to your profile there instead of posting screenshots.
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    You definitely don't need to start over. You're not so far along that you can't get back on track. All you'll do by starting over is lose the free 3* Bossk you got from the marque event and have to farm everything else you do have over again.

    The whole Tank/Healer/Dmg Dealer thing is basically true, but not all the time, so don't get too caught up in what each toon is classified as. Different factions accomplish these things differently, and synergies usually work with faction tags rather than classifications like Tanks/Support/Etc. The game breaks down into 3 main areas IMO, and they're the 3 things you should focus on when deciding what to farm:

    1. Legendary Characters
    2. Arena (squad and fleet)
    3. Raids

    There are other areas of the game obviously, but these should be the main things to look at when farming. And #1 is a big part of both 2 and 3.

    This is the main reason why Phoenix makes such a great team to farm early. They have great synergies, they can be ok in arena, they help with GW and TB, but the biggest thing is that you can get 2 legendary characters with the same team. They get you the arena meta leader (Palp) which you can get with any rebels, and they get you arguably the best all-around character in the game in Thrawn (also part of the arena meta), which you can't get any other way.

    So while you don't have to start your account over, you might want to halt your current farms and start focusing exclusively on Phoenix right away. It might be painful in the short term trying to get by with the current mixed bag you have now, but once you get them in place, they can really jump-start the rest of your roster. I was in the same boat with my alt and had to do the same thing. I'm loving that account now, even though my Phoenix team is largely unused.
  • This is another vote for going all-in on First Order. They'll get you BB-8, which leads to JTR. They don't need legendary toons to be good, unlike Empire. A properly built FO team does significant damage in all three raids. Teams like Phoenix are important, but in your case I think they can wait until you're a little more established.... Get strong arena and fleet squads (based on FO and Empire toons you already have), get your scoundrels up and running so you can do credit heists, and then worry about your next goals.

    To answer your original question, teams need to deal out damage, absorb damage, and heal themselves, but faction synergy determines how they go about this. Healers are fairly uncommon in this game because toon abilities often allow them to heal themselves; look at KRU's "Focused Rage" or his zeta leader ability. Healers will help you in Galactic War until you get a couple of strong squads built, but then they become fairly unnecessary. The F2P meta Empire team (Palp, Vader, Thrawn, TFP, and Tarkin) doesn't have a tank because they rely on speed, stun, and a lot of damage output to neutralize the other team. Phoenix comparatively does pretty low damage, but they constantly regenerate health and protection so they can slowly chip away at their opponents.

    You said you're almost level 65 and want to help your guild...for TW? Your toons must be 6000 GP to enter. Best way to accomplish this is to pick the squad you want and put all your resources into developing them.
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