BB8 readiness

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Hey, it's another one of these threads.

I'm trying to get my Phoenix Squad ready for the next Thrawn event and I've already prepped 5 x 7* FOs, just wondering if they're capable of unlocking 7* BB8 before I start spending credits etc on Phoenix:

KRU - 82, G9+0, 8/8/8/7/7
KR - 82, G10+2, 8/8/7/8
CP - 80 G8+4, 7/8/7/7
FOST - 80, G8+4, 8/8/7
FOTP - 80, G8+5, 8/8/7

I know FOE is better, but he's only 4* for now and don't want to waste resources on him that I need for Hera/Ezra. Also know FOO is better but not an option for me.



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