Can this team do 7* R2? (Veers, Starck, GM Tarkin, TFP & Stormtrooper/Magmatrooper)

Hey, I have a team that could get me a 5* r2 which is awesome but my question is how would the follow team do at tier 7 of the event?

Veers, Starck, Tarkin, TFP & Stormtrooper (or Magmatrooper if he would be better? I heard TM reduction doesnt work though). They would be a mix of g8 and g9. Mods are not good but at least all 5*.

There is a small chance that I will be able to put Vader in there if I can get him to 7* in time, in which case who would he replace? He would be g9 with a few pieces towards g10.

Thank you for any input, if there is no chance I’d rather just get him at 5* and hopefully be able to get thrawn and EP at 7* prior to the next time he comes around.

Thank you,


  • Wardai
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    I would say go magma, (swap tarkin out?) and run troopers but haven't done 7*. Don't know how you would mix&match the team if you threw vader in, maybe Tarkin (L), tfp, vader, storm and magma. Hope that helps a little :smile:
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    I would say go magma, (swap tarkin out?) and run troopers but haven't done 7*. Don't know how you would mix&match the team if you threw vader in, maybe Tarkin (L), tfp, vader, storm and magma. Hope that helps a little :smile:

    Do you know if magmas TM reduction works in the event? If not isnt he almost a wasted spot or what do you think?

    The only character I really feel good about in the team is TFP, with a lot of luck I will be able to go snowtrooper which would be super sweet with the rest of the trooper and maybe run TFP/vader/tarkin in place of magma if his TMR doesnt work. In the latter case, who would be the better stand in for magma you think? Since I’ve never played the encounter I dont really know which to prioritize - buff immunity from TFP, offense down from tarkin or the damage & dot from vader.

    Appreciate any input!

  • Wardai
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    I know TM reduction doesn’t work, missed out by one day of farming last time around so was looking into. I haven’t run troopers yet but you’ve got 3/5 of a troopers team so I thought maybe magma buffs them if you want to run veers lead.

    Thing is if you look at Tarkin (l) tfp Vader storm you’ll have to pick a trooper of some kind and I haven’t seen much of veers/strack outside of a trooper team.

    You could go for snow which is what I’m working on for troopers atm veers, strack, storm, magma, snow and go all in on troopers but I think snow has to be quick.

    Edit: if you get all of them ready to run the event when the time comes and one doesn’t work you can play around with them to see what works instead of relying on rng.
  • JohnAran
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    I don’t know the strenght of your troopers but i would say it’s gonna be hard, especially if you have no zeta on Veers (don’t know if you do ?), and no shore + death.
    Last time i had Vader, Tarkin, TFP, Magma and Veers as a team (my Palp was 6*) all g8, with not great mods. Got absolutely destroyed without even scratching one opponent’s prot. They start full tm so all take a turn before you if i’m not mixing things up, are tanky and hit hard on squishy characters like tfp.

    The event seem to be quite hard actually, especially without Palpatine. I would definitely put in storm over magma, and try to upgrade gear and mod as much as possible if you’re going to try it without Palp.
    Maybe someone who managed to do it without him will be able to give you better advices.
  • The team I used actually for this event was Gar Saxon as lead, it’s funny I know but his counter chances helped me deal damage before I got to start my turn, I also had Death Trooper, Vader, Tarkin and Stormtrooper, but I had to get Vader to gear 12, Death and Tarkin to 10 and I still had to re-do it a couple of times. Saxon and Storm were gear 8 as well.
  • Alright thank you guys I appreciate the input.. I’m going to work a little bit on my troopers since I’m doing that for IPD anyway... I’ll let you know what happens when the event comes around, what I did and with what. I’m setting my sights for a simple unlock at 5 stars so that I can start using him for arena teams and to gear up to get ready for CLS in the future.

    If anyone have any advice or would like to discuss something please feel free to do so.

    Til then,
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