Executrix or Home One? And how to prioritize omegas and reinforcement mats?

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TL;DR: The discussion title, plus lineup advice.

I know everyone's still trying to figure ships out, but maybe enough time has passed so that people who know what they're doing more than I do might have gotten a handle on some of it. I'd be grateful for any help or advice people have to offer.

I'm pretty paralyzed at the moment, so I haven't spent any prestige, ship omegas, or reinforcement mats yet. I'm f2p, so pivoting is hard.

Since I don't have Chimeara (and likely won't), I had been running Tarkin. Nukin says Tarkin is great. But Warrior says Ackbar is awesome. I don't know where to go.

Here's what I have: https://swgoh.gg/u/gufu21/ships/

Here's what I'm tentatively running now: Tarkin (6*), Biggs, Vader, TFP, with Boba, Ahsoka, Poe.

Off the bat: No Chimaera, Phoenix ships, or Geonosians except GS.

Here are my main questions:
  • Should I main Executrix or Home One? (My Tarkin is g12 while Ackbar is only g8, but I could be persuaded to go higher on Ackbar.)
  • On the cap ship, what seems to be the best special abilities to put prestige into? (Tarkin's unique looks like a given if I go that route, but what after that?)
  • Who ought to get a maxed reinforcement bonus first? (A lot of people like Boba, but Warrior wasn't impressed and went with Cassian, which looks good too.)
  • How should I prioritize omegas?
  • What changes would you suggest in my lineup?



  • A lot of people are sticking to Tarkin/TFP/Biggs/Vader, but whether that's because it's the best or simply because it's what people invested in is hard to say.

    I definitely think that there's a place for ackbar - personally I'd like to see an Ackbar led fleet with Clone Sarge as a first reinforcement. With a prot gain fleet he'd taunt indefinitely, without having to sweat TL RNG. And with all the prot recovery/assist ships, it shouldn't be hard to keep taunt up. Buff block won't stop it, and cleanse won't remove it. If he's got prot, he's got taunt.
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