Update on Sith Raid P4 Bug

Hi all,

I mentioned in the most recent State of the Galaxy that we were still actively looking into the Sith Raid Phase 4 damage issue, which caused players in the Sith Raid to do damage that ended up getting attributed to someone else in their guild. Once again, I want to thank Rebel Force Endor, who was our guinea pig guild helping us to debug, and with their help we have identified a fix for the single largest issue in the raid (the damage going to the wrong person) which will be fixed in today’s update.
The short version of what was going wrong (and I’ve gone to an engineer for this, so skip to below if you don’t want an engineery description) has to do with rounding errors in floating point math magnifying very gradually as players compound them through simultaneous play over many many battles in a phase.
One of the things that has made the Sith Raid Phase 4 damage issue difficult to debug is because it is actually a combination of multiple symptoms. Due to the severity of the most "critical" symptoms, we've focused on resolving that issue first. Even in resolving the most important issue, there are a few things that may still occur:
  • The sacrifice mechanic, that is triggered when either Darth Sion or Darth Nihilus is killed in P4, will still attribute the full 500,000 damage to the person who did the killing blow. We are looking at that mechanic and will adjust if possible.
  • Additionally, we know that the damage done by individual characters may not add up to the damage done to the boss. Due to certain mechanics by the bosses, around Protection, for example may cause damage “done” to not be the damage “taken”. We are thinking about whether or not we should change the attribution so that they add up to each other, in the meantime know that minor discrepancies account for how mechanics may be interpreting damage done or received, and should not be indicative of a bug.
We will continue to look at these issues, as well as some general feedback on the mechanics as we continue to think about our intention for the raid, the experiential realities, and what I know is highly anticipated, but still a little ways away, the rewards. More on that to come.

Please note this fix will start to take effect for new raids kicked off after today's update and will not impact raids currently in progress.
Thank you and as always we’ll see you on the holotables,
Senior Producer, Galaxy of Heroes
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