What would you do

So my current team is 4* QGJ, gear 7, 7* LUminara maxed out, 6* Kyle maxed, 4* fotp maxed, 5* Poe maxed. Currently hovering around 200. When it works QGJ takes out the first enemy if fotp or LUminara follow his special, and then LUminara and fotp take out the scone oppenet before they get two attacks off unless dooku and Sid. What I'm wondering is I have a few options. Would u replace QGJ with 6* maxed plasma, or start working on my 4* poggle? I have a maxed ig88 and am working on ig86. I also have a maxed sid, and a 5* gear 6 leia.
Was thinking an all Jedi team, as I currently have a 5* maxed Jedi counselor and both 4* windu and kit fisto.
Guess what I'm asking is with the characters I have mentioned do u see any better synergies that I am missing to get me up higher in the ranks? Maybe replace Poe with ig86 for another ability that calls for a second attack like QGJ? Or abandon and go mostly droid with poggle as leader?
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