Omega challenges, really?

These are sooo out of date. Omega challenges grant really poor rewards, and are soooo easy. I understand as a beginner player that's advantageous, but high up its, More of an annoyance, especially being unsimmable. How about adding much more. Difficult tiers for mid and high end players, and making the rewards more juicy. Maybe 3 omegas for example, more purples and more Cash. Fairly often I end up With more zetas than omegas, having to wait for omegas to. Zeta a character. Especially after having omegad out an entire faction. So how about an update?


  • BaseDeltaZero
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    edited June 2018
    I think it may be time in the life of the game to convert Omega Battles into Zeta Battles. Agree to adding another tier with multiple Omegas, and I think one Zeta material.
  • leef
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    I'm torn, i actually think a few extra omega mats would be nice, but your post just makes me wanna disagree with everything you're asking for.
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  • Zombie961
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    I think it's leveled as:
    ~30 credits
    ~50 ability mats
    ~70 omega
    Right? If so apart from increase the purple mats given I'd just add a lv85 tier that gives a zeta, maybe have one a week and try to make a few more that adds the unused factions (if any are left)
  • Maybe the odd one with a difficult zeta tier would be nice, but I'll take 10 free and easy omegas over a month
  • Vendi1983
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    Add zeta tier for 85 and:

    Make one more challenge where you must use Tusken Raiders against Jawas and droids.
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